Mobile Gantry Cranes

The Mobile Gantry Cranes – PORTAGANTRY offers an overhead anchor point for multiple users for fall protection, whilst also providing great versatility for lifting goods up to 5000kg. Mobile overhead anchor points can save money on fixed installation costs, whilst providing maximum flexibility and
return on investment in many scenarios.
An anchor point above the users head is safer as it reduces free fall distances, reducing the risk of serious injury. The Mobile Gantry Cranes range is highly customisable to meet your specific needs, with a variety of A-Frame height configurations and beam lengths available.

Key features

  • Tested and certified to EN795:2012, PD CEN TS 16415:2013 and IRATA ICOP
  • Suitable for ATEX environments
  • Suitable for goods and personnel lifting and as a fall arrest anchor point
  • Personnel lifting up to 2500kg
  • Goods lifting up to 5000kg
  • Fall protection capacity up to 5 users
  • Three piece aluminium construction for ease of transport and assembly
  • 360° swivel locking castors to enable movement in the location of use
  • A range of trolleys for attachment to the beam
  • Winch ready accessories for lowering and rescue
  • A range of height adjustment up to 5.8m and beam lengths up to 9m to meet specific customer need, including wind up jack legs for uneven surfaces


  • We offer a range of trolley options which can act as an overhead anchor
    We offer a range of accessories with the PORTAGANTRY range

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