Webbing slings & Accessories

Yale webbing slings are available in load capacities of up to 20 t. They are made of polyester, are PU-starched and thermally fixed. The webbing slings are lightweight and allow easy handling while protecting against hand injuries and damage to the cargo surface.
Columbus McKinnon also offers a range of accessories for the webbing slings.

  • The endless flat webbing sling HSE is made from a single ply, while the endless flat webbing sling HSE-E also made from a single ply, but woven in one direction only. The webbing slings are heat-resistant up to 100 ° C and are resistant to frost and moisture down to -40 ° C.
  • The flat webbing sling with duplex construction and reinforced eyes on both sides HBD, as well as the HBQ four-ply webbing sling with reinforced eyes distribute the pressure evenly onto pressure-sensitive and pull-sensitive loads.
  • The PU-protection sleeve (single and double-sided) PU-SC is made from cut-resistant polyurethane with an inner fabric insert to ease sliding of the sleeve onthe webbing.
  • The PU-edge protector PU-KSW is also made of cut-resistant polyurethane and has slots for easy attachment to the round sling.
  • The round sleeve PU-SG is made with a fabric insert and PU coating. They are an economical solution to protect webbing slings and round slings against wear caused by abrasion, but not from sharp edges.
  • Edge protection profiles with and without magnets PU-KSE are extremely resistant to abrasion and cutting.
  • Single and double-sided PU-coatings PU-FB are made of transparent polyurethane and extremely abrasion and cut resistant. The coat is permanently attached to the webbing and can not be lost during usage.
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