Hydraulic jacks from Pfaff-silberblau are made to lift vehicles on one side.

  • The hydraulic jacks with 2 pistons HWH 2K PROLINE; with 2 pistons and spindle HWH 2KS PROLINE and with piston and spindle HWH KS PROLINE have an extremely low design and a built-in pressure control valve for a longer life of the device. The integrated seat valve for controlled load lowering of the load allows easy use.
  • Universal jacks JH with a maximum carrying capacity of 2 – 50 t supply high forces for general operations such as lifting, pushing, moving and supporting of all types of loads. They are robust and very precise when it comes to lowering the load. The universal jacks have a large base plate for increased stability.
  • The machine jacks MH with a maximum capacity of 5 – 25 t are designed for lifting heavy machinery and other loads. They can be used in every position. Loads are lifted with a hand pump, and the load is lowered by means of a precision lowering valve.
  • The models MH50 and MH100 have an integrated carrying handle and a slewing claw, while the model MH250 has its own carriage.
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