ATEX Manual & Electric winches on request

Pfaff-silberblau winches and rope guidance with ATEX finish are suitable for use wherever there is a risk of ignition from explosive atmospheres.

  • The BETA-EX electric winch has a maximum load capacity of 320 – 7500 kg. A tailor-made modular system makes it easy to assemble the correct winch for the individual application. The BETA-EX is characterized by the excellent workmanship in connection with the reliable and stable gear motors.
  • The manual winch OMEGA-EX with integrated load pressure brake has been specially developed for the high safety requirements in explosive areas or on offshore platforms. Carefully selected materials and the sophisticated design of the winch prevent the occurrence of mechanically generated sparks, for example by the intrusion of foreign materials.
  • The sheave block EX for rope guidance DSRBX S, equipped with ball bearings, incl. earthing screw and copper-coated sheave, is an additional cable guide which can be used in combination with other ATEX devices.
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