Heavy load moving systems

Yale heavy load moving systems are designed to safely and cost-effectively carry loads.

  • For the transport of extremely large and heavy loads, the Steermann ® Heavy load moving systems SX and S provide the ideal solution for moving loads on the ground. The modular design ensures extremely easy operation and at the same time offers a wider choice of combinations.
  • The load moving skates and systems with fixed wheels LF have a carrying capacity of 1 – 6 t. The trolleys are universally combinable and ideal for medium to heavy loads.
  • The load moving skates and systems with steerable wheels LFL have a load capacity of 1 t. The stable, welded steel construction and the anti-slip rubber lining make the trolleys a sensible addition to the LF model.
  • The LX heavy load moving system with maximum capacity of 6 or 12 t have a steerable front and a pair of adjustable rear skates.
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