Scissor elevating platform, mobile

Mobile elevating platforms from Pfaff-silberblau are available in various models with different load capacities.

  • The platformlift PRAKTIKUS HP has a maximum capacity of 400 kg and the maximum platform height is 1200 mm. This platform lift is ideal for occasional internal lifting and transporting of goods. It is equipped with a tiltable foot pedal that allows easy lifting of the load. The lowering speed can be finely metered for sensitive lowering of the load. The platform lift has a covered chain guide for added safety.
  • The scissor elevating platform HX with single scissors has a maximum capacity of 150 – 750 kg, the platform can reach a height of 1000 mm.
  • The model HX-D with double scissors has a maximum capacity of 350 kg and can reach a height of 1300 mm.
  • The scissor elevating platform HF … SM with single scissors and manual hydraulics has a maximum capacity of 150 – 1250 kg, the platform can reach a height of 1050 mm. The HF … SE version with a maximum capacity of 300 – 1250 kg has an electric-hydraulic system. They have a pivoting platform with mechanic adjustment for safe maintenance work. The model is manufactured in a robust single-scissors construction.
  • The scissor elevating platform with double-vertical scissors HF … DM with manual hydraulics and HF … DE with electric-hydraulic system can hold a maximum load of 125 – 800 kg. The maximum platform height is 1900 mm.
  • The mobile elevating work bench HW has a maximum capacity of 1000 kg and achieves a maximum platform height of 1270 mm. It is ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads in manufacturing and assembly processes.
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