HTP/G ATEX Push and geared type trolley

Trolleys are used for precise positioning and easy movement of larger loads in combination with a manual or electric hoist.


  • The trolley wheels (only for HIGH design) are designed for a max. beam profile incline of 14 % (DIN 1025-1), excellent rolling features due to prelubricated and encapsulated ball bearings.
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of beam widths and profiles (e. g. INP, IPE and IPB).
  • Adjustments are made by rotating the clevis load bar which also ensures the centred positioning of the hoist in the clevis – no creeping to the left or the right.
  • Explosion protected version with spark resistant coating.
  • Trolleys equipped with rubber buffers.
  • Stainless steel hand chain for model HTG.


  • Locking device to secure the trolley in position on the beam (park position e.g. on ships).


Yale hoists and trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.


Technical Data Trolleys HTP/G ATEX:

ModelCapacitySizeBeam flange
Beam flange
t max.
Curve radius
Hand effort
at WLL
locking device
HTP ATEX 500500A50 - 220250.9-8.014.5
HTP ATEX 10001000A50 - 220250.9-9.017.0
HTP ATEX 20002000A66 - 220251.15-16.024.0
HTP ATEX 500500B160 - 300400.9-10.617.1
HTP ATEX 10001000B160 - 300400.9-12.020.0
HTP ATEX 20002000B160 - 300401.15-19.327.3
HTG ATEX 500500A50 - 220250.939.716.2
HTG ATEX 10001000A50 - 220250.9611.219.2
HTG ATEX 20002000A66 - 220251.15718.026.0
HTG ATEX 30003000A74 - 220251.4735.444.6
HTG ATEX 50005000A90 - 220251.8951.862.3
HTG ATEX 500500B160 - 300400.9312.619.1
HTG ATEX 10001000B160 - 300400.9614.122.1
HTG ATEX 20002000B160 - 300401.15721.329.3
HTG ATEX 30003000B160 - 300401.4739.248.4
HTG ATEX 50005000B180 - 300401.8956.066.5
HTG ATEX 80008000B125 - 310401.814104.0-
HTG ATEX 1000010000B125 - 310401.814104.0-
HTG ATEX 1500015000B125 - 310405.029230.0-
HTG ATEX 2000020000B125 - 310405.029230.0-

1 Weight HTG ATEX without hand chain

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