The generation of energy is essential for the everyday life and the smooth running of our business.

Columbus McKinnon knows that this energy, available at all times, requires a lot of effort to keep production going. Whether you are working on planned or unplanned maintenance at a production site or building a new site, your equipment must be reliable.

Columbus McKinnon offers hoists, winches and hoisting tackle for your production, from welding the steam generator tubes to servicing the turbine.

The standardization of lifting and handling equipment in the different areas enables:

• Reduction of storage costs for spare parts
• Reduction of maintenance costs through similar tasks
• Simplify staff training for maintenance tasks
• Reduce the costs associated with the supply of equipment.

If you operate or maintain a hydro, coal, gas or nuclear power plant, we have the experience to provide the best lifting equipment, winches or hoist tackle you need to keep the facility running.

Yale Battery-powered electro pump PYB
Yale Battery-powered electro pump PYB
Yale Battery-powered electro pump PYB

Our latest product, the YaleERGO 360® UT, ideal for the industry:

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