At Columbus McKinnon, safety is one of our core values. Working to keep our associates safe and designing products that ensure the safety of our customers is an essential part of how we do business.
Columbus McKinnon was recently awarded a patent for a slotted latch, which we use on our Clevlok® and Quick-Connect™ sling hooks. They can also be purchased as replacement latches for hooks that are already in the field.
What makes this latch unique? First, the slotted latch allows for better seating of the latch in the hook to prevent disengagement or damage to the latch – ultimately keeping loads more secure and operators safer.
The latch design also enables easier latch assembly on a hook – and being easy to install aids in OSHA compliance. OSHA requires that hook latches must be present and properly functioning on both new and old equipment. Therefore, latch replacements are a common requirement in the field.
Latches are often difficult to assemble, requiring alignment of multiple components and screw installation while under spring pressure. This can result in tired hands, lost components, and multiple attempts at assembly to get components in place. We’ve made that process easier!
Our patented slotted hook latch allows for latch assembly WITHOUT spring tension. And, no special tools are required. Once assembled, an individual can simply pivot the latch past the hook tip to the closed position and tighten the screw. Once tightened, the screw head and nut center the latch in the hook and ensure the latch will not slip around the hook tip.